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[student pottery sale question]

updated sat 1 may 99


bert stevens on mon 17 may 99

when i was in school our potters guild took 30=25, but we also had to pay =
=2415 general membership, =2425 if going to nceca. We also had a raffle of =
from visiting artists, professors and members, =243 a ticket, or 5 for =
raised enough money to take 12-15 people to nceca.... hope this helps

Susan Ross wrote:
=3E ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3E Our studio, which is a community recreational program, would like to =
hold a
=3E sale to raise money for equipment, etc. What percentage of sales would =
=3E appropriate to put into the studio's kitty vs. the artist's pocket? Any
=3E suggestions, thoughts or comments would be helpful.
=3E TIA,
=3E Su
=3E Piedmont Clay Studio
=3E San Francisco Bay Area

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