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updated mon 26 apr 99


mel jacobson on sun 25 apr 99

i have found the secret to trapping black ink in pots with crackle is to
paint the ink on the pot while hot.
the cracks are wide open....i heat the ink, use a big wide brush......slather
on the hot ink to a just from the kiln hot pot...( i use heavy gloves.)
it is nice to get the big crackle early.

after the pot has cooled, i take it to the kitchen sink.....wash and scrub
with a nylon scrubber and some light scour powder.
it seems to not ever come out again.
in there tight.
i run them through one wash cycle in the dishwasher.
then sell them. i do not make very many this way....but on occasion,
a pot with celedon comes from the kiln with nice big crackle and sorta
whispers to me to `ink me`. (and ron roy whispers to me....`add silica,