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updated sat 24 apr 99


Vicki Katz on fri 23 apr 99

I tried to email you directly, without luck.
It is no secret that Seagrove, North Carolina is my pottery mecca. It is a
tiny, rural town, rich in the tradition of southern functional pottery.
Infact, that is just about all that is located there - 80 or so potters!
Some, like Ben Owen III, have come from generations of potters. There is a
wonderful new museum located in the center of town (signage is very good).
Within the museum you can see representations of pottery common in the
Carolina's and see/read about the history ( the term history is relative in
the US, compared to the thousands of years of history overseas ) AND you can
get written information and maps to area pottery shops. I think for variety
you might consider: TURN & BURN studio (phone 336-873-7381) - Deborah & David
are so very nice & they have a great selection of salt glaze ware, PHIL
MORGAN (phone 336-873-7304) has beautiful crystalline pottery and you might
visit BEN OWEN III (phone 336-464-2261). The town is located off Highway 220
which runs north & south - go east on Highway 705 ( the signs are clear ).
One other suggestion, many of the shops are closed on Sunday & Monday. I am
sure there is a location nearby that you can set up camp, ask at the museum.
Enjoy your trip !
Vicki Katz