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show attendance figures

updated sat 24 apr 99


Wendy Rosen on fri 23 apr 99

I know that many outdoor public event attendance is estimated
by taking a photo and estimating how many people per square inch.

This is how the numbers are gathered for events on the
Washington mall and other large gatherings.

For indoor shows the convention bureau should be able
to offer pretty solid stats. Halls often get a "piece"
of the gate for public shows... so they audit and know for sure.

In other instances for conventions the group is measured
by the hotel room count vs the actual turnstile attendance...
WE are more concerned with the hotel bookings... I think
it's reasonable to assume that buyers coming from a far
distance might be bigger spenders than the local crowd...
not that some members of the local audience aren't big
spenders... just that some locals "slip" in no matter
what kind of obstacle course you set up.

---bodies never count ---bucks spent DO !!!
The old adage money talks and BS walks is surely in
effect at craft fairs.

Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 14:01:03 EDT
From: Bill Weaver
Subject: Shows

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
I was accepted into both the Bellevue Washington Pacific NW Art fair and the
57th Street in Chicago this year and would be interested in hearing any
information anyone would like to share regarding these two shows. In
particular I'm interested in the Bellevue one since I'll be traveling from
Minnesota. The parking garage set up sounds dreary and I'm wondering if the
crowd estimates are legit. My recent experience with an ACC show has made me
doubt such figures. Feel free to contact me off group. thanks

Wendy Rosen
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