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contact ceramics magazine closes. unemployed, again!

updated sat 24 apr 99


Frank Tucker on fri 23 apr 99

At 01:47 PM 4/21/99 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Do I gather from this posting that Contact is no more? I mean it may have
>obvious to you, and maybe it is old news to everybody else, but this is the
>first I've heard of it.
>Earl Brunner
>Hello Earl and all of those interested in Contact Ceramics,
I truly regret to tell you that the spring issue of Contact Ceramics
magazine,which was just sent out, is the last one.We have tried everything
we could to increase the subscriber base but to no avail.We just could not
sustain the losses any longer.
I want to thank everyone who contributed to Contact over the last few years
including the writers,the advertisers,the subscribers and staff.I
especially would like to acknowledge the wonderful job that our editor
Barbara Tipton did with every issue.It got better and better under her
All of our subscribers will be notified by letter in the next few days.
Once again thank you for your support.

>Frank Tucker
Contact Ceramics
Tuckers Pottery Supplies