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power supply for fountains

updated sat 24 apr 99


Kathy Mccormick on thu 22 apr 99

Hi all,
I've recently started making and selling table top fountains and would like
to take a few to my upcoming outdoor shows. Has anyone figured out an
ingenious, cheap, fits-in-a-van easily way to power things like this where
there are no electrical hookups?

As my contribution back, I'd like to pass along a handy thing I stumbled
onto. If you need a large container for dippling platters or plates, or to
pour into, try using an oil pan. Mine is a black plastic round container
approximately 20" in diameter with no top. It has a handy spout to pour the
glaze back into its original container and handles to make the pouring
easier. Just a few bucks at Walmart, Meijer, etc in the automotive

Kathy McCormick
Midland, Michigan

Lori Lynn & Robert J on fri 23 apr 99


Here is what we use....

A small gel cell battery hooked up to a power converter which has alligator
clips. You attach the alligator clips to the positive and negative battery
terminals and you have 110 power. I power five to six fountains at a show
all day with no problems. It also powers my charge card equipment. Now you
will also need a battery charger to recharge the battery at night so you are
ready for the next day. If you are only going to run one or two fountains
you could probably run them for a two day show without recharging battery.
I would test at home just to be sure before going to a show without the
charger though.

We chose gel cell batteries so there was no chance of spilling acid in our
van but I have heard of folks using small car batteries as long as they are
of the sealed variety (maintenance free). That way they won't spill either.

Hope this helps

Lori Lynn Rejzek
In the desert, where the hot sun meets the cool Colorado.