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vapor..kiln shed ?

updated thu 22 apr 99


joe & lisa cecere on wed 21 apr 99

Clayart People...I am currently building a new studio...1/2way completed.
Because it is attached to my home (for water and..I live in NJ...building
variences galore if I had it separate) anyway...we did get a permit to
build a shed for my kilns...4 feet from the door. Does anyone have
information on what I might need for this....I'm assuming I can just pop one
up....with a small vent for heat and windows for cross venting. Any smart
hints can be sent to my e-mail Thanks


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>Clayart Friends: My environvent does a good job of removing fumes
>during a firing cycle. The kiln is located in my basement, vented out a
>window. I recently fired a few pieces for a friend (^05) who had gone
>a little overboard waxing the bottoms. On this firing the smell of the
>burning wax filled the whole house. I know this is a fine line here,
>but is there a difference between the vapor or fumes created by heating
>a material, and the odor created by the same heating? It would be
>reassuring to know that if there is an odor, that I am not endangering
>the health of my family. Splitting hairs in New Jersey, Carol Seidman
>1. You Environvent is NOT doing a good job or there would be no odor at
>even if you fired a dozen rotten eggs. Get it checked. Also check to see
>the Envirovent exhaust is re-entering the house somehow through that window
>or some other opening in the house on that wall.
>2. The emissions from kilns can be in the form of gases, vapors and fumes.
>Please learn what these terms mean. It would be wise not to call them
>fumes" because fumes are just one category of what is emitted. "Kiln
>emissions" would be more inclusive a term.
>3. Some of the gases, vapors, and fumes created when wax decomposes have
>odor. Odor is not related to toxicity, it is only a physical property of
>certain chemicals. Some odorous chemicals are toxic, some are not.
>4. The chemicals from wax decomposition include acrolein, formaldehyde and
>other aldehydes, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, paraffin fume, and
>of solvent-like small gases and vapors. It is a very toxic mixture. The
>odor just tells you that it is present.
>5. Acrolein is particular is nasty and is partly responsible for the "hot
>wax" odor. It has a 0.1 ppm TLV, the same TLV as chemical warfare gas
>(phosgene). Formaldehyde and the other aldehydes also are very toxic.
>Formaldehyde is a carcinogen.
>6. Be glad this happened because now you can get the Envirovent fixed.
>fumes from metals and many other toxic kiln emissions don't have strong
>so you wouldn't have known they were escaping.
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