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dannon rhudy's workshop

updated mon 11 nov 02


douglas gray on wed 21 apr 99

I just wanted to stop for a moment, catch my breath and share a few observations
regarding the workshop Dannon Rhudy held for students and visitors this weekend
at Francis Marion University.

I can't possibly do the workshop justice in such few words, but let me say that
it was a real treasure to watch her work. The methods she uses to create her
forms are ingenious and speak well of her mastery of this craft. Her stories
were encouraging and informative. And her paper sagger firing technique is vital
for anyone who would like to pit fire of low fire salt in an area such as a
college campus where open flames are prohibited. The fired results were amazing
and students are already lining up pots for another firing. But perhaps what
impressed me most was Dannon's keen ability of observation and deduction. She
is both a thinker and a do-er and that makes for a might impressive combination.
I should add that her pots are pretty wonderful too.

Thanks Dannon for a wonderful workshop and thanks to the clayarters from
Florence, Columbia, Murtle Beach, Pawleys Island and Duhram NC who showed up for
the workshop. I enjoyed meeting you all and hope to be able to do this again.


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Douglas E. Gray, Assistant Professor of Art
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Department of Fine Arts and Mass Communication
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Curtis Nelson on sun 10 nov 02

Is there anyone in the Chicago area that's going to Dannon's
workshop this coming weekend in Columbus?

I am, and if anyone's close by that would like to share expenses
driving there, email me. I'm in Naperville.

My plan is to leave here Friday morning and arrive in plenty of time to
be at her slide show in the evening. I'm returning home Sunday

Curt Nelson