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laguna b-mix (cone 10)

updated sat 24 apr 99


Ball, Nancy, Quintiles on tue 20 apr 99

I've been throwing English porcelain (cone 10) for the last few years and
just tried the Laguna B-Mix (cone 10). I've tested and developed a few
glazes that seem to work well for the English porcelain (cone 10, oxidation)
... but figured the shrinkage/fit of these glazes would not be appropriate
for the B-Mix clay. Would I have a better chance of success testing some
stoneware glaze formulations? I'd appreciate any glaze advice or recipes
from the B-Mix users out there (either oxidation or reduction).


Nancy Ball
Kansas City

Phyllis E. Tilton on wed 21 apr 99

Hi Nancy: I have been using B-Mix 10 since last fall at the Columbus Cultural
Arts Center.( At home I use the B-Mix 5 since I do not have a gas kiln.) We
make all our glazes and slips there. The only time I have had any problem
with fit is when I have used a slip and, then, not always. Testing with
different combinations, glazes, slips and oxides is the way to go. The
glazes, as I understand it, were formulated to fit one clay body-a stoneware
and I have observed that they get into some porblems with them. Sometimes
depends on location in the kiln, also. It seems that working in clay, we have
so many variables, that it is a constant challenge--or crap shoot ? Have fun!

Phyllis Tilton

Michael McDowell on fri 23 apr 99

Nancy Ball, you asked about glaze fit problems to be anticipated in switching
from "English Porcelain" to Laguna B-Mix clay, which is a white stoneware. It
could very well be that you will have no trouble with glaze fit in making that
switch. Over the last year or so I've been trying to develop a database of
commercial clays and the calculated expansion of glazes that fit them. The
results so far are summarized in a page on Tony Hansen's web site:

I'd certainly like to get more people submitting their experimental results,
but even with the few submissions so far there is some valuable information
for you, I think. That is that B-Mix has been found by others to fit a very
wide range of glazes. Of the cone ten clays tested so far, the widest range of
glaze fit is attributed to Laguna's cone 10 B-Mix. I would certainly suggest
that you test it with your glazes. There's no reason to assume that fit will
be a problem.

I have no reports of calculated expansion for glazes that fit your "English
Porcelain" body. If you would be so kind as to add that info to what we have
assembled so far, it may be of help to others.

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA