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updraft firing and peace prayers

updated sun 18 apr 99


Malone & Dean McRaine on fri 16 apr 99

Aloha all: I have often heard the prediction that updraft kilns fire hotter
at the top but as usual my experience seems to run contrary to myth. I just
finished a firing in a 16' updraft West Coast kiln that I'm lucky enough to
have found here on Kauai. It's a great kiln and I love it but as usual the
bottom cones started falling well in advance of the top ones. I fire to ^10
in oxidation. I can get the temp to even out to within a cone by slowing the
firing down and soaking around 2175 when I see ^9 go down on the bottom but
it's hard to get it even, top to bottom. Anybody have a suggestion on
getting those top cones to look like the bottom ones? Please cc replies to
me directly.

P.S. I encourage you to share the daily worldwide prayer for peace in
Yugoslavia at 12 noon Pacific time.

June Perry on sat 17 apr 99

You might try turning one burner on each side way down, or even shut them off
and that may elongate the flame on the other burners and help heat up the
top. I don't know your burner arrangement, but you might want to turn down a
right front burner and a back left burner, for instance.
Also, I wouldn't wait until your final cones are bend. Better to do this a
bit earlier or your can risk over firing the bottom while you wait for the
top to get up to par.

Warm regards,