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clavin and hobbes and artist statements

updated fri 9 apr 99


Charlie and Linda on thu 8 apr 99


I started to delete and then I saw "Calvin and Hobbes" in the subject
and knew that you much be a person of humor and good taste!!

I have found one or more C and H's to go with any moment in life. In
fact it may be the only common thread that my father and I have. He is
a physicist(I can't even spell it with out trying twice) and I am an
artist but we do laugh at Calvin and Hobbes together.

I haven't been following the artist's statement thread too closely as
it's spring and there is lots of clay in the studio that needs
convincing. Maybe I should find the time to think about what the
underlying motivation is to my making pottery or to explain to others
why I have this need or even better yet try to determine why they would
need to know why and what my motivation to create is and how this
motivation is brought out and released in the form, texture and negative
spaces that surrounds my pieces.

Whew!! Almost fell for that thread there...... gotta go! :-)

Smile, everone will think you know something that they don't...

Charlie Riggs

Down to three habits....Coffee, Clay and Clayart. Notice they all start
with a "c". Does anyone out there see and grasp the absolute
significance of this fact? Sure, go ahead and shrug it off as