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big thanks on loading kiln help + story to follow

updated sun 11 apr 99


Anita or Nick Feng on sat 10 apr 99

I'm still new at this clayart thing, but in my tentative first call for
help, I've received a lot of help. As for my back problems in loading and
unloading the kiln, I've decided as a first step, to try the simplest and
cheapest suggestions first.

1. learn to breath properly, and pay attention to my posture and energy.

2. raise the level of the kiln so that I'm not bending so much.

So far I've just tried the first one, and already the process is much, much
better! Isn't that amazing! Thank you!

In thanks to the group I'll send another post with a story -- a retelling of
that Chinese legend about the discovery of reduction firing. Would love to
hear any comments.

Anita Feng
Issaquah, WA
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From: Jennifer Assinck
Date: Tuesday, January 12, 1999 7:49 AM
Subject: Re: translucent Cone 6 glaze request

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>Dear Sandra and everyone on Clayart:
>After lurking for a few months, I am so pleased to find an opportunity,
>as a beginner potter, to contribute some information.
>I have had success with a couple of faux celadon Cone 6 glazes. (True
>celadons are iron glazes fired in reduction at ~ ^10, to produce
>translucent glazes that pool in recesses.)
>Celadon to Teal (^6 OX)
>21 Gerstley Borate
>8 Wollastonite
>30 Nepheline Syenite
>10 Kaolin
>31 Silica
>add oxides, as described below:
>For green, add cobalt carbonate 0.125% and chrome oxide 0.125%
>For teal blue, add cobalt carbonate 0.5% and chrome oxide 0.3%
>For teal green add cobalt carbonate 0.5% and chrome oxide 0.5%.
>Faux Celadon (^6 OX)
>50.00 Soda Feldspar (Kona, Minspar 4)
> 20.00 Wollastonite
> 10.00 China Clay
> 10.00 Silica
> 10.00 Gerstley Borate
> add:
> 0.50 Copper Carbonate
> 0.20 Black Stain
>This turned out as a blue celadon. You could experiment with other
>oxides and/or stains.
>While these glazes fit my Cone 6 porcelain stoneware just fine, be sure
>to test for fit with your own clay.
>Have fun!
>Jennifer Assinck
>Newmarket, Ontario (just north of Toronto)
>Dwiggins, Sandra (NCI) wrote:
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>> Dear Wonderful Resource People:
>> I have a student who has become enthralled with a bas-relief technique in
>> you paint wax or shellac on almost leather-hard clay, then wash off the
>> around the wax/shellac design. When the pot is bisqued, the surface with
>> wax/shellac is slightly raised. It's not exactly a carved surface, but
>> Anyway, the community center does not have any decent translucent glazes
>> break nicely and would make this slightly raised surface look really
>> especially on porcelain. We fire to ^6 oxidation. Any recommendations
>> something nice? The woman's a painter and does really lovely surface
>> and I want to encourage her in this direction.
>> Thanks for your help.
>> Sandy