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wa. summer workshops

updated wed 7 apr 99


Barbra Kates on tue 6 apr 99

Visiting Artist Series - Yelm, WA.

=93Glaze Chemistry Workshop=94 with Paul Lewing
This workshop will explore ceramic glazes, their constituent materials
oxides, and their behavior during firing. We will begin with a review of
properties of glaze materials, and move on to a discussion of the method
empirical formula calculation. We will discuss color response in glazes,

surface characteristics, and the effect of reduction/oxidation of
Particular emphasis will be put on Cone 10 reduction and Cone 5-6
INSIGHT and HyperGlaze glaze calculation software programs will be
demonstrated and discussed also.
June 5, register by May 22. Fee =2460.

=93Smoke and Fire=94 with Joe Brecha =26 Barbra Kates
Decorating surfaces with smoke and fire, including pit, naked raku and
horsehair firing.
Participants should bring bisqued terra sigallata pots.
June 26 =26 27, register by 6/5. Fee =24120 plus =245 firing fee per pot.

=9325 Years of Techniques: Constructing Large Scale Vessels=94 with John
John will demo his combination of slab and throwing techniques to create
large forms - EASILY.
July 31, register by 7/13. Fee =2455.

=93Architectural Ceramics=94 with Peter King
These two day hands-on workshops will be packed full of Peter=92s large
scale construction techniques, discussions, new slide show and info.
Peter will build a large architectural piece to demo his unique
construction techniques.
2 sessions: August 14-15 / August 17-18, register by 7/23. Fee: =24175
per session or =24325 for both sessions.

=93Hands-On Raku=94 with John Harris
John will demonstrate his unique glazing =26 firing techniques.
Participants should bring bisqued pots.
September 18, register by 9/4, Fee =2460 plus =245 firing fee per pot.

=93Lana Wilson Workshop=94 Nov. 99. Call for details.

All skill levels welcomed.

Contact: Barbra Kates, Architektura, P.O. Box 1431, Yelm, WA. 98597=3B
Telephone (360) 894-7527 E-Mail: