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updated sat 3 apr 99


"Terry Sullivan/Nottingham Center for the Arts. San Marcos," on fri 2 apr 99

Mels suggestion of a colored dot on the NCECA tag for Clayarters is perfect.

Why don't we agree on a color, size and location.

NCECA used a red dot-like symbol , I think it was a strawbery, in the upper
left for the bus tour folks. How about a 3/8 inch. Avery blue one in the lower
right for
Clayart. They are inexpensive and could be available in the clayart room.

Of course there are hundreds of little peal off stickers available these days
in rolls of 100-1000. They are even available in custom designs.We could have
practicaly any symbol we wanted.

This is great ! NCECA has gotten so large that a quick "at a glance" method
of identification is needed. Pretty soon we could have a separate conference
badge where one could affix various ID stickers. A small sticker
identification booklet could be part of the NCECA registration package and
there could be a short slide show at the openning ceramonies highlighting the
top ten or so. Perhaps a little crash course in rappid sticker reading would

I can see it now in Charlotte; " Hi there, I see by your ID badge that you
are an over 60 male wood fire guru who has studied in Japan, have an MFA from
Alfred, subscribes to Clayart, are a member of the Defenders of Mingei Society
(Mud-Eye knights) and the Pre- Bald support group"

Actually I think Mels idea is great, just felt like running with it because I
think it will catch on. How about little "pot" stickers ?? ( no not thai food
you silly)

Someone check out the cost of custom stickers from the mfg.s

Terry Sullivan ( Terr to my friends and you are my friends)
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA
Summer 99 workshop schedual now at our web site:

I think our sticker will be a pot riding a surf board or maybe some palm