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kiln disaster/help

updated mon 5 apr 99


mel jacobson on fri 2 apr 99

several things that i did as a teacher to remember kilns are on.
buy a good wind up alarm clock. set it for the time the kiln should
go off.......check the kiln when the alarm goes matter what else
is going on.

have the electrician run a 220 light bulb /light from the kiln to hang
above your desk. when the kiln is on, so is the light bulb.
when you leave for the day and turn off the room lights......the light
stays on if the kiln is on.
it worked like a charm.....never left school with a kiln going.

hang a note on your coat......with a paper clip.
KILN ON (is it true, in some places on the earth, people do not
wear coats year around?)

i have used all of these at one time or another.
still have the alarm clock for my studio.
set it when the kiln is almost at cone 9...then i do
not get involved in a pot or something, then forget.

all of these can be shifted to real life events as you get older.

Mason Batchelder on sun 4 apr 99

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<< (mel jacobson) >>
Dear Mel,
What great advice!The light bulb trick sounds interesting and I'd never heard
that one Here I'd be lucky to find a qualified electrician to work on a kiln
much less hook that system up.
I traveled for years in my off times as Artist-in-the -schools for the South
CAROLINA Arts Commission to the far corners of this state to all levels in
the school system and it was horrifying how many melt down kilns got revealed
to me.One kiln in Columbia at the odl high school burned the building
down.Nothing big was made of it as a scandal(DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE
ART TEACHER) but they got a new school out of the insurance company.The last
disaster I happened to witness was at Arrowmont when the cord burned to the
outlet (OR WAS IT BACKWARD,I DON'T KNOW) in a bisque fire in an all concrete
kiln room the other side of the wall to our class.It was caught early as we
were in and out of the room all day.
How you doing now that NCECA IS ONLY A MEMORY?Thanks for everything you did
for us Clayarters.
Margaret in Lexington(100 miles south on NCECA 2001 site-unless Lori Leary
gets inventive with the signage)