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feetmade....... was re: handmade

updated thu 1 apr 99


Marc Kiessling on wed 31 mar 99

It seems a few ingenious souls are taking up the challenge "with making
things with their feet or other body parts". (David McBeth)
Home page:

I guess we'll need to specify which body part the pot was touched by in
the future.
Just adding to the hype boil that this thread seems to invoke.
Marc (a "hand made" slip caster, among other methods, and damn proud of it)

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
...........The discussion of handmade seems to be a little tedious when
limited to hand made since I don't think many people are out there making
things with their feet or other body part!! Each and every method requires
the product to be touched by hand and some point.
Enough said.
Bill Weaver