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another used kiln, needs repair

updated mon 5 apr 99


David Hendley on fri 2 apr 99

Re: the kiln with no jacket and busted bands:

The cheapest, easiest thing to is to make friends with
someone who works at a lumberyard, freight dock,
or a company that ships things on trucks, even your
ceramic materials supplier. Ask to borrow
their banding tools (make sure they use steel bands,
not plastic!).
This is the stuff that holds things onto pallets for shipping.
If you can take the kiln to them, they could get the job
done in 10 minutes.
Maybe tie the kiln together with ropes to get it there.
A band around each row of bricks will do the trick.
Steel banding is cheap. A nice pot would be a good
trade for their trouble.

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

At 10:25 AM 4/1/99 EST, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Hi ,
>I have a kiln that never had a stainless or other jacket but was banded with
>springs holding the bands in place.Well the bands all gave out recently and
>even tho the kiln elements are fine it is held together by a kiss and
>and I am wondering if anyone has this project behind them.I do not wish to
>replace the elements and must tie it together somehow.Any suggestions?It is
>either a Cress or Jenkin,I'll have to move it to tell and don't want to touch
>it until I figure it out.It is 23"wide x 24"high with a kiln sitter but no
>other "MODERN DEVICES".I am wondering if I should put a "blanket" around it
>before tying it back together.
>Email me off line at ARTISTINSC@AOL.COM
>Margaret Arial
>in Lexington,S.C.(100 miles south of NCECA 2001-unless Lori Leary has fun
>the signage!)

David Woodin on sat 3 apr 99

Another way, is to go to Radio Shack and get their chimney kit for an
antenna, for less then $20 you get 2 ratchet units and steel banding. This
works fine.