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workshop person who sits alone

updated wed 24 mar 99


Elca Branman on tue 23 mar 99

I met Carla at an NCECA(my first) in Rochester, 2 years ago.

Its her eyesight and heart that are the problem.

She sees the beauty and the love and the fun in people;she is not a good
beauty contest judge at all.

I am half deaf and older than anybody and we had great fun,along with a
bunch of mixed up mismatched,different age and gender people....and there
wasn't even a Clayart room!
What we had in common was our love of clay and our willingness to risk a
social rebuff.
Try Denver ... you might like it...and clay people are wonderful,
particularly if you agree with their points of view.LOL
Elca.. at home in Sarasota,Florida

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