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soda kiln corrosion

updated mon 22 mar 99


Steven Roberts on sun 21 mar 99

>My experience has been that soda kilns do not corrode their steel parts,
>while salt kilns do. If you want to, use the coatings you mention, but I
>wouldn't worry too much.

Steve Roberts

At San Jose State University we are thinking of building a soda kiln.
>Per firing it will use from
>two to three pounds of soda per firing.
>The kiln will be under a hood, the top of the kiln six
>feet from the hood. The kiln is steel. The hood has a fan,
>about another ten feet above the hood.
>Does anyone have experience with using soda
>kilns in a simalar situation? We are concerned about
>corrosion and the hood. We know about the new coatings
>that can be applied to the steel, but would
>be most interested in knowing about your experiences and soda. Thanks

Lesley Alexander on sun 21 mar 99

Are you familiar with Ruthann Tudball's soda firing? She recently did some
very interesting workshops on the West Coast. She claims the soda firing is
not toxic as is salt firing, as there is no chlorine to be released. She
lines her kiln with something that may be similar to ITC and the soda does
not impregnate it. She says one can soda fire in a regular kiln and switch
back and forth with an appropriate lining. You might want to read her book
titled "Soda Firing" or some such. Maybe someone else in Clayart has been
to one of her seminars and can add information. Lesley in So. Calif.