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updated mon 22 mar 99


Joyce Lee on sun 21 mar 99

Thanks to the 15 or more Clayarters who wrote with comments about
displaying one's wares. Several said that they'd like a synopsis. This
is a most informal one:

1) Don't group similar sizes. Makes for a dull showing. At least, use
a pedestal (covered box?) to break up the line.
2) If displaying mostly "one-of-a-kinds," group by glaze color. Too many
colors all together can be confusing, may look gaudy, and contributes to
gridlock of customers standing around but unable to choose.
3) If you have remaining only one of a form, either highlight it totally
separated from other pots, or store it for another sale. Reasoning:
customers are more apt to be separated from their money IF they have a
reasonable selection. Several commented that they NEVER sell that LAST
mug or small bowl or goblet, even IF most of their small pots are sold
4) Prominently display at least one unusual, courageous, expensive,
unlikely-to-sell-in-this-arena pot...just so "they" know you can do such
work...AND you may sell it. Doesn't hurt to mark it "Private Collection"
even though the "collector" may well be the creator...not the BIG GUY,
just the creator/potter.
5) Displays work better above crotch level, rather than below.
6) Notable exception to #5: when EZUP became an EZDOWN during high wind,
all pots were displayed on low, low shelves next day....great sales!
7) Be sure to label ANY forms that MIGHT be unclear as to possible
purpose...such tales I heard.
8) Insert recipes, toothpicks, paperclips, toothbrushes, plants, garlic,
apples etc where applicable...definitely increases sales. Don't fill
pots with candy/cookies unless you WANT to share&share&share.
9) Don't sweat it....if there's "life in your pots," in time customers
will find you along WITH that perfect, must-have toiletbowlbrushholder,
regardless of location.....this is NOT real estate. (Actually, I added
the toilet bowl bit myself because that's what I'm doing this week
...fanciest I've ever seen .....why? No idea...just wanted to...haven't
been glazed nor stood the test of fire so...we'll see)

In the Mojave over her embarrassing "take my marbles and go home" grumps
..... posts from many of you helped... participating is better than
pouting... although a smug, pretentious pout can be satisfying, if not

I'll post remainder of display ideas another day.