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cone 5 satin glazes

updated tue 23 mar 99


Joan & Tom Woodward on mon 22 mar 99

I live in Alaska and will leave shortly for a visit to the Big City -- =
I'm a relatively new potter, just starting to mix my own glazes. I can't =
anyone around here who uses satin glazes. I'd like to find some cone 5 =
glaze recipes for basic blue, green, and rich (not lemony) yellow colors,
particularly ones that would have an interesting overlap. I use Idaho Buff,
WMP, and Ranier (porcelain) clays. I dip and brush, depending on the need. =
I fire Skutt electric. Any recipe suggestions out there that are fairly
reliable? Thanks=21

Joan in Anchorage, Ak.

Joan =26 Tom Woodward