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updated tue 23 mar 99


K L on thu 18 mar 99

As someone who is relatively new to clay, I'm very interested in how
others have found their dealings with suppliers and if they had problems
what was the responce from said suppliers. I would like to see a site
similar to the type Tom was talking about. So far I've only had
dealings with Trinity and Axners. Axners have been very helpful and just
seem to want to help you anyway they can...anyway that's how I've been
treated..didn't seem to matter that my order was small. They took the
time to be helpful. Can't complain about Trinity..their just not as
friendly seem to have other things on their mind.
I like to try different suppliers and had been looking at what Laguna
had to offer. But will really think on this now.
I think a site would be good for everyone..venders as well as
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Maureen Collins on mon 22 mar 99

Klare et al:
Our studio has had great support and excellent customer service from Axner,
for years. There are rarely problems, but if something comes up they bend
over backwards to help and find a solution. First rate!
Also, Baltimore Clayworks has given great service.