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rcp summer workshops 1999 by lottery

updated sun 14 mar 99


Robert Compton on sat 13 mar 99

Robert Compton wrote:

> First of all I want to put our a word of thanks to all those
> potters who have passed the word about workshops we hold each summer at
> our studio in Bristol, Vermont. In 1999 will again put on a series of
> workshops, fewer sessions this year than last, to allow us time to
> construct a new and much larger wood kiln. Here is what 1999 looks like.
> Experiencing the Fire workshop.
> This is a 4 day workshop intended for both the intermediate and
> advanced potter,
> who wants to experiment with a variety of firing techniques.
> Participants will fire their
> pots in a wood fired Noborigama, (salt glazing the second chamber), a
> primitive pit kiln, and in two different style Raku Kilns. Sessions
> are: June 11-14 and September 10-13, 1999.
> Due to the overwhelming popularity of this workshop, admittance to
> the 1999
> session will be determined by a lottery of interested applicants in
> early April. If
> you wish to participate in either of the ETF workshops contact us before
> April 7th so
> your name can be included for the lottery that selects the individuals
> for these sessions.
> Throwing Giant Pots
> This is a 3 day workshop in which participants will learn and
> practice techniques for making huge pots. Methods that do not require
> great strength are emphasized. This is a workshop for potters of
> intermediate to advanced abilities. Session: July 9-11, 1999.
> Altering Thrown Forms
> This is a 3 day workshop that focuses on energizing thrown forms. It
> is intended to loosen the tight consistently round shapes that come off
> the potters wheel. This is a
> workshop for potters of intermediate to advanced abilities. Session:
> August 13-15, 1999.
> Kiln Building Workshop -
> This is a 5 day workshop, in which participants will take part in
> the construction of a large wood fired climbing kiln. This workshop may
> be broken down in to two shorter sessions, depending upon progress of
> site preparation. At this time we are taking names of individuals
> interested in the workshop,we will contact potential participants in
> early summer.Tentative dates: August 2-6, 1999
> For more information on these workshops visit our web site

> There is also information on locating other pottery workshop centers
> in the Links section on our site. I am not currently getting clayart so if
> you need to reach me do it thru my e-mail address.


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