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a parting glance at influences

updated sat 13 mar 99


Erin Hayes on fri 12 mar 99

Hi All=21

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3E=3EIf we wish we can take this thread even deeper. I guess I will
=3E=3Ehave to abandon all the music I love to listen to because
=3E=3Ethe artists playing the music and the composer may not have
=3E=3Ecultural ties to the music they play/write.
=3E=3EI'll also have to abandon many restaurants,
=3E=3Emovies, books, and paintings for the same reasons.
=3E=3EBurn those Matisse paintings and any other artist that
=3E=3Eblends other cultures into his/her own work=21

Again, I have to say that there isn't a thing wrong with being influenced by
diverse cultures. That's one of the beauties of modern life - that we have
access to so much more cultural diversity. No one is suggesting that this
=2Ainfluence=2A is unethical or wrong. It's the unmediated lifting of =
imagery or
style which seems insensitive to me.

I bothers me that the distinction is being buried in seemingly hysterical
comments. Where would the world be without fusion cuisine and musicians like
Loreena McKennit (who marries Celtic, Indian and Moorish influences into a =
all her own)? There's not a thing wrong with expressing admiration for =
cultures by allowing their influence to come through in your work. I just
personally think that it's not okay to copy something completely. For me, at
least, I think it would be artistically as fulfilling.

Erin. (now officially staying out of this fray.)