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reward manufacturing co.

updated fri 12 mar 99


Julie Bouche. on wed 10 mar 99

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Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 09:14:00 -0700
Subject: ReWard Manufacturing Co.
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Do any of you glaze formula experts have any knowledge of a ceramics glaze
manufacturing company named "ReWard Manufacturing"? They were based in Los
Angeles, CA, in the 1950's, then were sold to a larger (we think) glaze
manufacturer back east. ReWard was owned and operated by my grandfather,
Lester Reynolds, who passed away in 1971. I have started throwing and
handbuilding in the last few years, the only one in the family to have
anything to do with ceramics since my grandfather, and would like to find
out more about the glazes he developed and what happened to his formulas
and company. I know he was very active in developing new glazes, or at
least new formulas, and attended many trade shows around the country. It
would be wonderful for me to find out if any of his glazes are still in
commercial production; I'd love to try to use his glaze on my work, if they
are compatible. It would satisfy nicely my need for continuity in life, a
sort of "completing the circle," which has become much more important to me
as I get older.

You can e-mail me directly if you wish:
Thanks in advance for any information or suggestions about where to look.

Jim Brooks on thu 11 mar 99

Julie..I used Reward products in the fifties...( I was only a kid
then.).....and loved them.. The glazes were wonderful.. but the real find was
"Reward Velvet Underglaze". Does that sound familar? The Company was bought
out sorry to AMACO... They have, however, continued the Velve
Underglaze line.....

David Woodin on thu 11 mar 99

I wonder if this has anything to do with S. Paul Ward Company that made glazes
in South Pasadena Cailf?

Mike Obrien on thu 11 mar 99


There was a glaze company by the name of "S. Paul Ward" that I used to buy
some glaze ingredients from in the late 1980s. The company was purchased by
Laguna Clay Co. around '92 or '93. If you call their L.A. warehouse at 626
330 0631 and ask for Jon Brooks (owner) you can find out if that was your
Grandfathers company. If you don't have any luck, E-mail me direct and I will
find out for you. They still have pallets full of S. Paul Ward glazes in the
warehouse. My guess is that they are marketing them under the Laguna name at
this time. Good luck.

Mike O'Brien