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report on mel, dannon, and doug's workshop in sc

updated sun 14 mar 99


Lori Leary on wed 10 mar 99

Three different potters, three different styles, three different
personalities is what this workshop was all about. What a great
experience it was.

Doug was a delight, not only by demonstrating how he makes his exquisite
and beautiful work, but by sharing his thoughtful insights as to *why*
he makes the pots that he does. By showing us that a modicum of self
analysis is just as much a part of the process of making pots as having
good skills, techniques and knowledge, Doug reminded us that unless we
reflect a bit on *why* we make what we make, our work will never be
truly our own.

Mel describes Dannon as a hero for potters, and he is correct. In
describing how she developed her innovative techniques, Dannon showed us
how straight-forwardness, perseverance, and problem solving can result
the development of brand new techniques. Working in a field where so
few women have made a mark, Dannon is an inspiration.

mel-san, a fountain of wisdom, wit and humor. It is hypnotizing to
watch him throw his pots; so casual, so simple and elegant. But we all
know how much skill is required to make them appear so; appearances are
deceiving. And his stories; entertaining and *always* pertinent.

Technique and skill are essential for making good pots, of course. But
to be able to bring that sense of self to one's work is what brings that
work to another level. My point? Perhaps clay workers may focus so
much on the latest techniques and glazes that they fail to recognize
what type of work works best for them. Seeing mel, Dannon and Doug
working in one setting brings home the fact that we even with all of our
different styles and viewpoints, doing the best work we can is what it
is all about.

It was, as always, wonderful to meet new Clayarter friends, and renew
ties with old ones. There are too many to mention here. Thanks for
coming, and come back soon!

mel, Dannon, and Doug...thanks for a fine workshop, you guys are the

Lori L
Pawleys Island, SC

Mason Batchelder on sat 13 mar 99

Dear Lori,
Here i go again did anyone find a bag of 35mm film many various types maybe
20-30 rolls at the workshop in the big room?I didn't get home with it and was
only shooting the one day and in 1 room and never checked into a motel.THE
films had some ratty boxes as i'd carried them around and kept them in the
frig when not on a trip. I thought I looked about well for my stuff so i DON'T