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island workshop/sc

updated wed 10 mar 99


Dannon Rhudy on tue 9 mar 99

The workshop at Murrell's Inlet and/or Pawley's
Island (hard to tell where I was, precisely) was
a pleasure. I want to thank all of those nice folks
who were there, and Lori Leary, who managed the
whole thing, carted us around, kept us at her house,
and generally ran herself ragged. We ran pretty fast the whole time,
but still squeezed in some walking on that beautiful
beach, and a trip to Brookgreen Gardens. If you
are down that way, go see it. Not only are the
gardens themselves beautiful, but they are jam-packed
with hundreds of sculptures, from things that would fit
in your hand to works of enormous size. It is dedicated
to figurative/representational work, nothing else there.
Every conceivable material, bronze, stone, aluminum, whatever.
Artists well-known and unknown (to me). Hundreds of acres.
Don't miss it.

Sunday afternoon there was an oyster roast at Lori's. I've
not seen oysters done that way before, but it was fun and
people ate them by the bushel (really, bushels) hot off the
fire. There was a lot of laughter and story-telling. What
more could one ask? A big thank you for Lori and all the folks
whose kindness made this such an interesting trip.


Dannon Rhudy