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wanted: consignment galleries

updated wed 10 mar 99


Jennifer Boyer on mon 8 mar 99

Hi All,
This is NOT an invitation to rag on consignment galleries :-)
Does anyone sell in a reputable gallery that takes consignment and uses
a computer point of sales system? I'd really appreciate names and phone
numbers/email, if you do. We're looking to replace our POS system in
our gallery and are having a hard time finding one that deals with
consignment. Ours prints stickers as well.
Take Care
Jennifer with fingers crossed. VT is looking picture perfect after a
foot of snow fell! Who cares about spring when the skiing is so good??
Jennifer Boyer
Thistle Hill Pottery
Vermont USA

The Indianapolis Art Center on tue 9 mar 99

We use a program called Gold Mine Plus that is very basic, but does not
print stickers. It does, however, do consignment records extremely
well. I think I found out about it on this list, in fact.

Julia Moore
Indianapolis Art Center