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show info please

updated thu 29 apr 99


Carol Jackaway on fri 5 mar 99

I am hoping the list will be able to help me, I have here two show
applications the 42nd annual Guilford Handcraft Exposition and a little one
day show PennState Community Arts & Crafts Fall Festival (non-juried) anyone
have information regarding these two shows? Thank you

Carol Jackaway

Barbara Long on fri 5 mar 99

I know nothing at all about the PennState Festival,but I can tell you
about the Guilford Handcraft Exposition.I am an apprentice at the
Handcraft Center.This is a highly competitive rather "high end" show and
really does attract large crowds.It has had a long history and is well
regarded by everyone in the area.I would be honored to participate in
Barbara in Lyme,Ct

Carol Jackaway on fri 12 mar 99

I just received to craft show applications with deadlines in the next few
days. Does anyone have info on Pikeville Craft & Music Festival and Westfield
Art & Craft Market
Thank you
Carol Jackaway
Still have cold from kiddys

Carol Jackaway on wed 28 apr 99

First I want to tell you all what a great source of information this
list is. When I am feeling lonely for other ceramic lovers I just sit down
and read my e-mail!
I would like to pick your minds again about a couple shows I am
considering appling for: Indianapolis Best of the Season and Columbus
Winterfair. Has any one been to or exhibited at these shows? These are put
on by the Ohio Designer Craftsman, any one know about them?
Thank you are for your help!
Carol Jackaway
Parkside Pa, The sun is shining, the birds, are chirping, the dogs are
barking, the cat are meowing, the lawn mowers are mowering (?), when did