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more rosen show comments

updated thu 4 mar 99


John Hesselberth on wed 3 mar 99

I participated in this show in the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen booth.
We had an all time sales record and were nearly 50% over last year. All
in all an excellent show. I pretty much agree with Tom's and Cheryl's
comments-- overall quality was high in the pottery section. I didn't try
to count slip casting vs. thrown vs. hand built vs. jiggered vs.
whatever--didn't seem relevant to me I guess. Everyone I talked to was
quite satisfied with their sales. I certainly was; I will probably stay
with the guild booth one more year and then consider my own.

By way of comparison, I walked the ACC show a few days later (on one of
the retail days). I found myself stopping to take a closer look more
often at the Rosen show than at the ACC show. I also found myself asking
"I wonder how they got in with that work" more often at the ACC show. I
did notice some slipcast work at the ACC show--mostly because I've seen
these two specific potters exhibiting the same stuff for several years
now. On balance though, I would say the shows are equivalent in quality
with ACC focusing more on high end and Rosen focusing in a more
affordable range.

John Hesselberth
Frog Pond Pottery
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Pocopson, PA 19366 USA
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"It is time for potters to claim their proper field. Pottery in its pure
form relies neither on sculptural additions nor on pictorial decorations.
but on the counterpoint of form, design, colour, texture and the quality
of the material, all directed to a function." Michael Cardew in "Pioneer