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updated thu 4 mar 99


Joyce Lee on tue 2 mar 99

Since I, too, have pots everywhere, I have a marketing question which I
haven't seen addressed: Is it more effective to offer for display (and
for sale, of course) a few types of opposed to my
bouncing-all-over-the-place ten of these, eight of those, 30 of those,
two of another, one hundred of something else (oh, sure...when I can do
that, I won't have any questions; I'll be answering them...such a
dweeb)....based on what intrigues me at the moment of throwing? How
about glazes? A few glazes or many? (I have so many glaze buckets that
they march right out the door.) Does too much variety dilute the effect
of a display? Is it better for sales to be known as "the bowl lady," for
example, or is that too limiting in the long run? I think that if I were
selling from my studio (in a separate display room, I hope) I'd probably
offer a form&glaze mishmash which would give customers (such as I) an
opportunity to "hunt for a treasure"....but I'm wondering if this is the
way to go in a more confining show booth? I recall that at my one big
sale I had a display of mugs in one small area...they sold, but not as
quickly as the ones that I placed singly, sort of isolated at the end of
the tables. Oddly, these single mugs were selected mostly by males who
didn't want to "chat" (drat!); just wanted to pick up the mug, put down
the money fast, grab a bag, and skeedaddle...Thanks for reading and any

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