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making a living as a potter

updated tue 10 dec 02


Shannon R. Ward on wed 3 mar 99

Is there anyone making their living being a potter who would be willing to
talk privately with me about their career choices, let me ask them
questions about how and why they make it work? I'm actually considering a
career in pottery, but I would like an insider's perspective.


Joanna Jorgensen on mon 9 dec 02

I had to chime in with my take, or I should say my recent revelation.

Being a relative newbie to pottery, and an extreme newbie at selling
it, I was debating with my husband being in a particular show in my area
because of the high cost of booth space and wondering if I would sell
enough to make it worth the effort. What if I don't make enough money? I

He said, Well, you'll find out, you'll have a better understanding if
you are doing the selling part right, and if you don't make any money
from this show are you going to quit?(sarcasm is his strong point)

God forbid, not ever I said.

It released me, freed me.

I am in a position where my spouse earns a good living. We have three
kids and a house in the burbs, so I have to work a day job too, but the
life and death struggle to make a living with my pottery is not mine. I
have a tendency to make it so, type A personality that I am. I want to
quit my job, I want to devote more time to clay.

Maybe when we have put the kids through school. I am Ok with that now.

We don't have any pennies left over at the end of the month to buy
supplies so I sell pots to be able to make more pots. If I couldn't I
would go insane.

I have a good life. Even going to a day job I don't want to be at. You
do what you have to, to make it work; to fulfill your obligations, and
to fulfill your spirit.

I am Ok with that too.

Every once in a while, something so simple will change how you view

Joanna Jorgensen

Coconut Creek, FL