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looking or wholesale potters

updated tue 2 mar 99


=?iso-8859-1?Q?Ren=E9?= Sprattling on mon 1 mar 99

Hi all,
We are two long-time women potters who have just started a gallery/store
called =22Mostly Clay and Fine Crafts=22 in Northern California. We have =
opened three months and doing quite well . We are expanding our stock, and
looking for new clay artists. We are especially interested in dealing
directly with the artists, and are looking for those of you with some
experience in wholesaling functional work. Our new section of the gallery
will emphasize garden pottery, but we are also looking for other functional
ware. If you are interested, plese send photos (color copies are fine) and
a wholesale price list to: Mostly Clay and fine Crafts, 227 Broad Street,
Nevada City, Ca 95959. Hope this is an O.K.posting for clayart, but
thought it would be appropriate as one thread has been discussing making a
living with clay.

You can e-mail me directly with more questions.
Ren=E9 Sprattling