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glossy black/cone 6 ox

updated fri 26 feb 99


Janet H Walker on thu 25 feb 99 I struggle to understand glazes,etc....

Glossy and safe cone 6 black is an elusive quest I'd say. Since you
already have a glaze that is both glossy and black, I'd recommend that
you start by having it tested for food safeness.

There is a very easy way to do this. The Alfred Analytical Lab will do
the testing. You just have to send them a fired piece that holds more
than a cup of liquid and they will test for whatever chemicals you need
to worry about. If you tell them the recipe, I bet they will even tell
you which of the metals you need to be worried about.

Call Roland Hale, the director of the lab, at 607 478-8074.

There is, in the archive somewhere, a wonderful message from Bonnie Hellman
detailing how she went about getting something tested there, how the whole
process worked, and so on. I recommend this highly as part of an organized
search for just the right glaze to commit your production to.

Jan Walker
cambridge, MA USA