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david hendley/workshop

updated mon 22 feb 99


Dannon Rhudy on sun 21 feb 99

David gets an A++ for his workshop here in Paris. He did a great job,
showed us all kinds of clever things, and encouraged people to try their
own ideas along those lines. It was good to hear peripheral conversations
that spoke of a desire to try one thing or another, inspired and enlightened
by watching David. David's own work is a delight, colorful and filled with
movement, both in form and surface. He uses a lot of slips for color, and
slip trails with very fine needles (20 gauge, from the vet).

He showed us a video and slides of his home and pottery, told adventures
of BUILDING THE HOUSE. And a great house it is, too.

There were lots of folks here, some coming from Oklahoma and Louisiana,
and San Antonio. San Antonio is about half way across Texas from here -
a long drive, eight hours or so. But it was worth it.

A good workshop. Thanks, David.


Dannon Rhudy