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wood ash, good book

updated sat 20 feb 99


Caroline and Hedley Saunders on thu 18 feb 99

Am just back online after a break so I hope I'm not repeating information.

Phil Rogers has written an excellent book called Ash Glazes published by A &
C Black, London ISBN 0 7136 3440 5 and Chilton Book Company, Radnor,
Pennsylvania ISBN 0 8019 8243 X I will quote from the inside jacket cover

"In this book Phil Rogers first sketches the history of Ash Glazes. He then
discusses the practicalities of collecting and testing wood ashes, making
them into glazes and using them to glaze your pots. In the last section he
looks at the work of some leading potters whose work is typified by their
use of wood ash glazes and the different qualities that they achieve. These
range from the pioneering efforts of Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie to the
monumental work of American Jim Robison and the narrative decoration of Eric
James Mellon."

Anyone seriously interested in ash glazes should try to get to the Craft
Studies Centre at the Holborn Museum in Bath (England) where they have many
of Katherine Pleydell-Bouverie's pots. She was very precise in her testing
so it is possible to know exactly which type of ash she used on each.

Devon, England where today's weather is mild but dull.
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Alex Wilson on fri 19 feb 99

Hello Caroline,Here's another interesting book for you;
'Glazes from Natural Sources', by Brian Sutherland,ISBN 0 7134 4204 2.
Covers prospecting, test programmes, making glazes from different rock types.
You're fortunate to live in the UK, where any rock is not too far away, and
I'd swap a nice soft day back home to an Iowa Winter day anytime! It's snowing
and about minus 5C at the moment.
Carry on testing,