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updated mon 22 feb 99


Robert Jones on fri 19 feb 99

Okay, I've just spent a very frustrating morning on the web checking the
databases of what seems like half the public libraries in the country.
Either I'm doing the wrong kind of word searches (I hate Telnet!) or 99.9%
of all libraries have no pottery related videos or they all have the same
three (Jepson's introduction to Wheel Throwing seems to be very popluar.)

Now, I'm a beginner, out in the boonies of Alabama (the whole state is the
boonies) and attempting to teach myself what I can and I feel that I could
benefit a great deal from some of the videos that are available, plus there
are some that I simply want to see (some of the "art" videos.) However no
way can I afford 30-50 (or more) bucks a pop for a video that I'm only going
to watch a few times at most.

Is there any kind of pottery video library somewhere with a good selection
that I could get videos through interlibrary loan? Or is there some other


Cindy in Alabama

Ravit Birenboim on sun 21 feb 99

Hi, there is a video library to the American Ceramic Society, the problem is
that I am leaving messages for almost two months now, via phone (voice mails
.....) and Emails, and know one call me back with information on how I can
borrow tapes.
The phone number is 614-794-5890, ask for the video library.
Would you please let me know if you get the information.. I think I am going
to give up soon.
Good luck, Ravit