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studio for rent-baltimore, md

updated fri 19 feb 99


Dr. Michael Selmanoff on thu 18 feb 99

We have a wonderful studio for rent in the Baltimore area. It is fully
equipped-- a 45 cu ft gas kiln, 2 electric kilns, slab roller, glaze and
areas, 5 (I think) ware carts and alot of shelves. There are also 2 pug
2 wheels and a spray booth available. The studio is in an historic area--a
park-like setting on a stream. We have double doors for easy
loading/unloading, and parking at the door. The studio is 1200 sq ft. There
is also a seperate concrete building of about 200sq ft that can be used for
storage of booths, packing materials, etc.
We are looking for someone willing to make at least a 1 year commitment. This
is a great opportunity for someone who has the need/desire for their own
without the resources or desire to invest in setting it up.
Email Amy at for more info.
Amy and Michael Selmanoff
3418 Philips Drive
Baltimore, MD 21208-1826

Phone: (410) 486-9270