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pit firing workshop

updated sat 20 feb 99


John Guerin on fri 19 feb 99

Tim Kapral will be giving another of his Pit Firing Clinics the weekend of
April 24-25. The location is at Tim's house which is about 20 miles southwest
of Tucson, AZ. The clinic includes slides of previous firings, a throwing
demonstration, a burnishing demonstration and the preparation of the pottery
for the pit firing. This includes the formulas for the chemicals that are
sprayed on the pots and the chemicals that are placed in the fire itself.
Participants are encouraged to bring bisque fired, burnished pottery to be pit
fired. The firing takes place Saturday after dark. Tim gets beautiful reds,
blacks, blues and yellow hues in his firings. He also demonstrates how the
same colors can be achieved in a garbage can firing. The clinic ends on
Sunday morning when the pots are removed for cleaning and sealing. The
weekend is a great bargain at $40.00. This will be the third one I have
attended, but it is worth it to me just to get my pots pit fired.

Anyone interested in further details about this weekend can contact myself or
Tim Kapral.

John Guerin Tim Kapral
1161 W. Sahara Palms Dr. HCR1 Box 1707
Tucson Tucson
AZ 85704 AZ 85736

(520) 575-0710 (520) 822-1321

John Guerin
Tucson, AZ