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making a living from pots

updated sat 20 feb 99


Chris Campbell on fri 19 feb 99

Mimi -

You sound like a very busy, but focused person.

There is a book that I would highly recommend you read. It is called "Making
it on your Own" by Paul and Sarah Edwards. It is geared specifically towards
people who want to enjoy life while making a living at what they know how to
do best. It is for people who enjoy the work of the business.

There are so many basic decisions to be made before you can adopt a marketing
plan. It is worth taking some time to think ahead. You have to decide how much
you want to be tied to the business and how much flexibility you want to have
to balance your other committments.

A lot of us started out while balancing family, schools, sports, & charity -
it can be done. Hang in there.

Chris - in Carolina - where the daffodils are blooming just in time for a cold