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post-branfman workshop thoughts

updated wed 17 feb 99


Tracey Dobbins on tue 16 feb 99

About this time last week I was returning from Steve Branfman's workshop =
held at
the impressive clay production facility, Ceramic Design Group, in Steamboat
Springs, CO. (It was well worth the 6 hour drive to get there from Wy=21) =
a really great communicator and teacher. What a joy it was to get up every =
drive in from the picturesque Laloba Ranch Clay Center where I stayed (as =
intensive summer workshops hadn't begun yet), listen to and watch Steves =
experience, then put it all into practice. Phew...exhausting, but total fun=
the same time. (Sad to say the one disappointing aspect of the whole thing =
the aweful clay that had to be returned to Mile Hi because of poor quality

I learned so much of what I wanted, and hoped, I would. Having had this
opportunity, I feel much more secure in the decisions I make when I raku by
myself. Steve's a wealth of information on all things raku, as well as =
in folks in Toronto will see what I mean mid-March=21 If =
been toying with the idea...GO=21

Why, you might be thinking, am I sharing this with you all? Simple. I =
in sharing good things when I find them...and Steve, Judith Days' Laloba =
Clay Center, and Jonathan Kaplans' Ceramic Design Group are indeed =22good
things.=22 I found Judith and Jonathan to be totally dedicated =
professionals with
tons to offer the clay community. Inquire for yourself and you'll see what =

Tracey Dobbins
Wild Fire Sculpture Studio
PS...not compensated in any way...just happy to pass my personal experience
along to other clay artists, for whatever thats worth. Maybe others could =
along their similar findings, too, so we can all learn vicariously?