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updated mon 15 feb 99


Merrie Boerner on sun 14 feb 99

First, I would like to thank all the folks who responded to my donation
question....I was afraid it might have been a simple question...then I
realized that my motive was just simple frustration with the whole
income tax process. The majority of responses shared belief that the
time and materials donated to charitable causes are worth far more to
the donor and reciprocate than a monetary refund from the IRS. How does
that line in a Beatles song go...,"the love you take is equal to the
love you make"....oh, my, now I'm showing my age. ; )
Now to respond to the guy who said, "would you ask a tax accountant's
advice about pottery !" Funny how I tend to trust readers of Clayart
over my CPA....along the same lines as taking my Mom's advice on how to
cure the common cold over the doctor's. I have received more sound
advice from the kindred spirits on Clayart than I have from my
CPA....HHMMMM,,.... maybe it is time for a change. Now, I guess that I
must be brave and do the '98 paperwork. BLAHHHH !
Merrie in Mississippi

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