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wood/soda question

updated sun 14 feb 99


Joyce Lee on sat 13 feb 99

For the best available and most expansive info on soda/salt firing in
video form, Gordon Hutchins' is it! You'll find his videos advertised in
CM etc on the same pages that Robin Hopper's ads appear since they are
offered by the same company, Tara Productions. Ruthanne Tudball's book
is most helpful with great pictures, as is Gail Nichols' home page and
her several magazine least, these are the only materials
with which I am familiar....well, these and a pretty detailed file of
clayarters responses to my questions a year or more ago...the same ones
that Mark is now asking...probably are in the archives. I presently have
a Geil kiln on order which is modified for salt/soda firing...haven't
tried it yet...nor have I seen it for that matter...but I know it'll do
the job once Geil releases it as "ready."

In the Mojave glad studio and house survived the recent 85 mph
winds...just another February day in the desert...sounds spooky, though,
when the sand hits the windows with that gratey sound...last house we
had many years ago wasn't well insulated and the sand came right be deposited on the windowsills in neat little mounds
several inches high...hated that!