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book orders,

updated sun 14 feb 99 on sat 13 feb 99

Dear CLAYART friends,

Just thought I would post some info on the status of our book sale and pending
orders. The response to the sale was, as usual, overwealming! Many of our
customers wait until the sale and order all of their books for the entire
year. As I state in the booklist, we expect this and we will fall behind in
filling orders. With the sale ending on Saturday, we are currently about 3
weeks behind in getting orders out but we are working overtime to do so.

Most of you realize that a great deal sometimes comes with a small price and
this is a good example. The GREAT majority of our customers understand this
and are patient this time of the year. They also know that any other time of
the year orders often go out the day they are received. Rest assured that we
are doing everything we can to hurry up those books and videos!

Thanks for your patience and support!

Steven Branfman
The Potters Shop