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baltimore acc

updated thu 17 feb 00


David & Diane Chen on sat 13 feb 99

Although I have seen lots of info regarding the NCECA, I was wondering if =
is attending the Baltimore ACC in late February. Just got my American Craft
magazine and they have pretty big spread about some of the artists who will =
attending. Very impressive and even inspiring.


Bjerkan on mon 15 feb 99

Hi Diane and Clayarters, Although I am not one of the advertisers in the
American Craft mag spread, I will be there. I have done this show in the =
and it is most definitely worth attending. A word of advice...wear =
shoes. This show is huge=21 Also, be prepared for visual overload. I would=
to meet and talk with any Clayarters who are able to be there=3B consider =
this an
invitation=21 I will be showing ceramic masks. For those of you who are
interested, this show is put on by the American Craft Council at the =
Convention Center. The dates are Feb.23 - 28. The first 3 days are =
only and then open to the public Friday through Sunday. Hoping to meet some=
there...Peggy Bjerkan, Booth =231324,meanwhile madly dashing to put the =
touches on...

judy motzkin on fri 19 feb 99

Another invitation to all clayarters to visit ACC baltimore show. It
is always good to see this show on the trade days as the crowds are a
bit much on the weekend. There are ways to do the trade day thing as
a "trade guest". If anyone wants more info, call me.

Get your free address at

Linda Fox on wed 16 feb 00

I 'd like to add my name to the list of ACC Baltimorre exhibitors who
would like to say hello to anyone on Clayart.. Booth 4204--wholesale
Hope to see you there,
Linda Fox