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updated sat 13 feb 99


Fredrick Paget on fri 12 feb 99

Hi all,
How time flies. I posted that 2 years ago and a good bit has changed
since then. I have a studio building and two gas kilns and am not outside
any more. I don't think I throw much like Jepson tought me anymore since I
have been greatly influenced by Catherine Heirsaux and Claudio Reginato
whose workshops I have attended.
If Claudio ever comes to your area he is a must see. He is a throwing
machine. Several times world champion at the goings on at Fierenza,Italy.
(He is Italian and speaks no English) Watching him throw a 1 yard high
cylinder from 10 pounds of clay is something to see, and he also does an
urn 3 feet high from 25 pounds
Catherine is a wizardess at porcelain work She can do big throwing too in
porcelain. She throws thin with sponges in hand or long ribs - foot long
ones. Talk about yardsticks!
Anyway Jepson has seen some changes too. Britta is no longer there and the
class room is no longer new. He has moved his clay collection of other
potters' works into the classroom and he has a lot of his own wheels in
there now. I saw him there last summer when I was in Florida and he was
hard at work in the classroom doing production pottery since it was cooler
there than in his other building. Classes were not in session. I am waiting
for delivery of my new Jepson wheel.
Fred Paget

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>From: Gregory D Lamont
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>> Hello All,
>> Has anyone been to any of Steven Jepson's pottery
>> classes in Florida.....snip......

>> Tim Stevens
>Hi Tim,
>Clayart member Fred Paget attended one some time back and wrote the
>following review of his visit:

> Gregory D Lamont

>Date: Tue, 7 Jan 1997 11:01:16 EST
>From: Fred Paget
>Subject: Jepson classes
( long-- see yesterday's reposting of it)

From Fred Paget, in marvelous Marin County, California, USA