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more, jennifer's ^6 glazes

updated wed 10 feb 99


Jennifer Rhinesmith on tue 9 feb 99

Hello everyone, well here is the 2nd installment of the "Glaze is right
show". I hope that some of you will have never heard of these and be
interested. Here goes:

Klinesville Gold ^6 ox

magnesium carb. 359.2
whiting 1618.4
wollastonite 449.6
neph sy 4494.4
cedar hts. red art 1078.4
red iron ox 539.2
zircopax 988.8

Antique White ^6 ox

volcanic ash 35.0
colemanite 12.5
kaolin 2.5
zircopax 11.0
whiting 12.0
bentonite .5

I have used both of these glazes, although I am not sure that the
antique white is the same recipe as mine. It seems I have misplaced
some of my recipies, at least some of my favorites. I will send more
when I find them. The klinesville gold is a wonderful light brown,
almost looks like a high fire rutile glaze. has specks of blue and
pruple in it. the white works good over black designs, good luck and
let me know if there are questions, comments, and how things turn out.
Once again, Jennifer in dry desert of Alpine, TX
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