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^6 glaze requests, from jennifer

updated wed 10 feb 99


Jennifer Rhinesmith on tue 9 feb 99

Well I never thought I would get so many requests for these glazes. But
I got so many I could not respond to everyone off the list, so here they
go. I hope everyone enjoys them.

Red/Pink Purple/Mauve ^6 ox

gerstley borate 21
neph sy 16
kaolin 11
whiting 20
silica 32
tin 5
chrome .15

Ash Glaze ^6 ox

gerstley borate 13.60
lithium carb. 4.50
wood ash 18.20
whiting 18.20
albany slip 36.40
kaolin 9.10

I use the red/purple first and then put a few dotts here and a few
streaks there of the ash glaze. They run together nicley and create an
unpredictible and wonderful surprise when you open the kiln. Happy
glazing and testing. Thanks for the interest. Jennifer in Alpine, Tx

Jennifer Rhinesmith
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Alpine, Tx 79831
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