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jennifer's ^6 glazes

updated tue 9 feb 99


Jennifer Rhinesmith on mon 8 feb 99

Hey everyone, well I never thought one post would get so many responses.
I thought I had posted the glazes already, but maybe I sent them to my
rabbit group instead, oops. So here they are, I hope everyone enjoys,
I'd love to hear how everything comes out.

Ash Glaze ^6 ox

gerstley borate 13.6
lithium carb 4.5
wood ash 18.2
whiting 18.2
albany slip 36.4
kaolin 9.1

Red/Pink Purple/Mauve (also Kemp 17) ^6 ox

gerstley borate 21
neph sy 16
kaolin 11
whiting 20
silica 32
tin 5
chrome .15

I put the red pink on first and then dot and streak the ash over the top
of that. When they combine they run and pool and you get a different
pot every time, it is unpredictable and great. I also use this same
system with the Pinnell Strontium glazes mixed in as well. If anyone
needs those recipies, I'll be glad to share. Let me know. I have lots
of ^6 recipies and I will share, but a few at a time. I am a very busy
lady. Hope everyone enjoys them, Jennifer in hot and balmy Alpine, Tx

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