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kiln shroud needs coating

updated sat 6 feb 99 on fri 5 feb 99

I haven't yet written my ITC saga. But I seem to be stymied at the last
step. As I have revealed in the past, my L&L has been shrouded with a
kaowool blanket, held in place with tinfoil and duck tape that more or less
disintegrated over time. So when I did grand ITC renewal I also rewrapped
kiln. Feriz advised that I try afew firings first and I was very
disappointed with firing times so I wrapped again. This time I plastered
the kaowool with ITC100. I wasn't able to get the coating thick enough to
be stable and I am not willing to spend the big bucks on this application
which has no high temp requirement. So I am thinking, Portland cement?
Portland cement mixed with something? I need a rock-hard coating on top of
the ITC coating that will not be broken by knees/toes/elbows. Any
experience? Any ideas?

Eleanora.....BTW, no signs of rust on the sheet metal when I unwrapped the
kaowool, and it has been on about 12 years.

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